The Long Awaited Diaper Cake Reveal / Tutorial – Yay!!!

Hi there! I’m FINALLY able to get this diaper cake reveal/tutorial posted. Well, first of all, I’m noticing my crazy hair (my hairstylist granddaughters are always wanting to fix it – “Abuela! Your hair is crazy! We are going to fix it for you.”) LOL!

Diaper cakes are a fun way to decorate a room for a baby shower. But where do I begin? If you would love to make one but didn’t know where to start, I’m going to do my best to break down the process for you. Although not all of the products I use came from the Dollar Tree, you could literally recreate a similar cake using all Dollar Tree products. Here’s a detailed list of the products used, where I got them, and possible alternatives:

  • Diapers (Dollar Tree a/k/a DT)
  • Plastic storage containers (small, medium, large) (DT)
  • Rubber bands (my craft room – can be found at office supply or DT)
  • Ribbon (gray – 3 in. — polka dot – 1 1/2 in.) (Jo-Ann Store)
  • Elephant topper (DT) (bought one went back few days later to get more and they were gone!) (*you can use DT’s stuffed animals, baby accessories, toys, etc.)
  • Baby rattle (DT-party section)
  • Clear dessert plates (DT)
  • Glue gun/glue sticks (my craft room – find at craft stores/Amazon)
  • Doilies (small one – DT/large one – Michaels)
  • Tulle (my craft room-previously purchased at DT)
  • Tonic (Tim Holtz) Scissors (my craft room – find at craft stores/Amazon)
  • Sizzix Big Shot die-cutting machine (my craft room – find at craft stores/Amazon)
  • Doily dies (KSCraft/Ali Express)
  • Elephant image (Etsy)
  • Cake board (my craft room – find at craft stores/Amazon)
  • Turntable (Ikea – find at Amazon)
  • Charger plate (Amazon – RoRo Classic Acacia Wood Charger in Whitewash Stain, 14 Inch Set of 4 – you can use charger plates from DT).
  • White candle holder – (Target – DT has clear glass ones)
  • E6000 glue (my craft room – find at craft/hardware stores)
  • Popsicle stick
  • Art Glitter Glue (my craft room – find at craft stores/Amazon)

Many diaper cakes contain rows and rows of diapers or they use a paper towel roll in the center. They work but can get expensive with the amount and brand of diapers you use. You can create the same look with a round storage container that has straight sides (that is the key) as your base. Most containers have a curve to them but you can see here that these are straight up and down. I found these containers in the Dollar Tree and while in the store I tested the sizing by basically stacking them to see which sizes would give the appearance of a layered cake.

Start off by turning the containers upside down and hot glue them to each other to form a 3-tier cake (be careful that you are centering them). Then, take the diapers and roll them up and put rubber bands around them. To get an estimate of how many you will need stand them up around the cake – always better to have more than you need ready than not enough. The reason is you will want to start an assembly line of hot gluing them around the largest container. Once finished with the bottom, start working on the medium one.

We now need to find a filler for the space between the middle and top tier. My sister-in-law came up with a great idea of using tulle to fill the space. I took the tulle on my cardboard and cut it all the way through on one side which now gave me perfect size squares. Since I had the hot glue gun ready to go I decided the fastest way to get them attached was to hot glue them. So I took 4-5 squares of tulle, folded them so it would give some fluff to it, grabbed the folded end, put hot glue, and attached it to the smallest plastic container. So I didn’t burn myself (which has happened many times), I took a popsicle stick and used that to push the tulle to the container.

Once you are finished you can glue down the clear plastic plate. This will form the base for the Elephant topper to sit on. Make sure you put something heavy on top of it so it will stick together since there is a slight indention on the bottom of the container.

The ribbon can offer a chance to include your color scheme but it will also cover the rubber bands. So the next step is to start attaching the ribbon. I used a I put a small line of hot glue on inside of ribbon and started wrapping around cake, trying to keep as tight as possible (was difficult with my hand hurting). I did not put glue anywhere other than at the beginning and the end to close it. This gave me a chance to straighten the ribbon which, as you can see, is crooked and a little loose. Then I did the same thing with the polka dot ribbon – only gluing the beginning and end.

Now it’s time to put the topper on. Take the small doily and glue it down on the plate. Next, glue the elephant topper on top. Then it’s time to put the dies in the machine to get the doily shapes cut. If you don’t have a machine like this you can always take a Dollar Tree doily, attach a small piece of white poster board behind it to give it strength, and glue it on. Once you are at this point, you need to make sure the ribbon is straight and add a small bit of hot glue on inside of ribbon in different spots so it stays up and doesn’t have a bunch of gaps in between.

We are at the home stretch. Let’s attach a bow and glue the rattle on. If you are not sure about how to make the bow there are many YouTube tutorials or you can always purchase a pre-made bow. Now it’s time for the elephant image. I cut around the image as close as I could get so all you could see is the image. Another option would be to take the Dollar Tree cardboard centerpieces, cut the image out and glue it on or you can always attach a baby accessory or toy.

I hope you enjoyed this reveal/tutorial and decide to make one yourself. If you do, I would love to hear about it. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my posts. Thank you so very much for joining me. Have a blessed day! Jo :o)

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Psalm 127:3

Two Tips Tuesday – Dollar Tree

Hi there! I hope everybody is having a good week. I’m so very sorry that I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks. Just been one thing after another but I’m back and have a couple of great tips for you.

The Dollar Tree is a store here in the United States that sells everything for 1 dollar. You can find everything from pantry staples to party supplies. For the crafters and DIYers, the Dollar Tree provides endless possibilities for repurposing and creating all kinds of things. But, like any other store, there are things that are a really great deal and others that are not so much of a great deal. Here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind when you shop at the Dollar Tree (or a similar discount store).

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Tip #1 – Food products – look at the expiration dates and the size. Many of the stores have pantry staples (soups, sauces, pasta, etc.), bread, even a frozen food section.

I grew up going to food discount centers where the majority of our grocery shopping was done. The cans were dented and food wasn’t always the best or freshest. Once in a while we had different sorts of little critters visiting us while we shopped (I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess what kind of critters those were).

There’s a lot of great food deals at Dollar tree. For instance, spices, soups, albacore tuna, and beans also. But, you need to keep in mind that some of the products they receive will have a short shelf life. For instance you might find cereal that was a specialty item in the grocery store, maybe seasonal. Make sure you look at the expiration date when buying food.

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The other thing to look for with the food products is the size. You will find name brand products but they will come in smaller sizes. The ratio of quantity to price for the same product in the grocery store might not make it worth getting at the Dollar Tree.

Tip #2 – When it comes to all of their other products, see beyond what you are looking at on the shelf. Get your creative juices flowing. There are so many possibilities when it comes to DIYs using Dollar Tree’s products.

Plastic containers and diapers. You wouldn’t think those would be for anything other than putting food in and putting on a baby’s bottom.

Well, you can take these seemingly ordinary things and turn them into this diaper cake. I wanted to share it with you even though I am not completely finished yet. I’m sure you are wondering about the containers and how this was put together. I’m currently finishing up a tutorial on how to make one of these so stay tuned.

Dollar Tree’s plates, glasses, etc. are great deals. They have different styles and colors of plates, bowls, and cups. You could put together an entire dinnerware set. This plate and candle stick are great for what they were intended for.

But, what if for $2.00 and a little bit of E6000 glue you turned it into a cake stand or to serve appetizers on. My next project is to make a 2-tier stand. Using a salad plate, dinner plate, and a candle stick. You could set up an entire dessert table with trays and serving pieces using just Dollar Tree products.

I hope these tips are helpful to you the next time you are in a Dollar Tree. Have a blessed evening.

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Proverbs 31:14-18

Two Tips Tuesday – Sticky Situation

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you are enjoying it wherever you are. Today’s tips have to do with those pesky stickers and how best to remove them.

Trying to scrap them with your fingernails while the sticker is dry is not an option if you have a beautiful manicure or if you are like me who has horrible looking nails – you can try scraping the stickers off with your nails – LOL! Either way, it doesn’t really do a good job. You are still left with a sticky situation.

Tip #1 – If the stickers are on glass, put them in warm, soapy water and let them sit for little bit. The stickers will peel off like butter. Any residue can be scrapped off – in my case – using my fingernails :o)

Tip #2 (and my favorite) – Spray Goo Gone on the sticker, let it sit, and then rub with a paper towel and it will come right off. You need to be careful where you spray it because it has oil in it and you can mess your clothes up if your not careful (speaking from experience of course). I absolutely love the orange scent it has. As you can see from the label it can be used to remove other sticky situations as well.

As you can now see, these are the jars that I put in the sink, I was able to get all of the stickers off. Boy do I have a DIY project for you! Stay tuned to see what I do with these spaghetti sauce jars. Hint – Refreshing Summer Decor.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to help you out. If you enjoyed the tips please hit the like button. If you haven’t subscribed please join so you can receive the latest tips and DIYs.

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Anybody thirsty?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday. The sun has been blazing here and it’s a great time for a craft having to do with water – LOL! Sorry for delay in posting this but because it was a gift for a dear friend of mine I didn’t want to ruin the surprise when I gave it to her on Sunday.

These are the things you will need – Voss water bottle (glass one), gems in different sizes (I got these at Hobby Lobby), E6000 glue, jewel picker, and a monogram if you would like to personalize it (I found this one at Hobby Lobby – it’s an iron-on monogram but you could use sticker ones and use the E6000 on it).

First thing we need to do is remove the ingredient label and sticker on the lid. I removed the ingredient label with a paint knife. You can use anything with a hard flat edge to scrap it off. Then you will need to remove the sticker from the bottle (stay tuned for Two Tips Tuesday for more on this).

Now comes the part that requires patience. LOL! You need to sort all of the gems by size and take out any that are damaged. This is a little tedious but absolutely necessary before you start to glue them on. When you work with the glue you need to be quick and continual so there’s no way to try and sort gems out during that part of the task. Try and wedge the bottle between two short heavy objects so it doesn’t roll around on you while you work. I used a wood BBQ skewer to transfer the glue from the tube to the letters. I like that I have control over how much glue I am putting on since it is a small area. Only do one letter at a time when using jewel picker to place them.

Once you are finished with the letters move to the lid. I found it best to put the glue directly on each gem starting with the bottom row all the way around so you have a base for the other rows. The gems will slide so you need to be on top of making sure they stay in an even line as you work your way around. Then move to the next row, etc. You will notice that I used the really tiny gems to fill in the gaps in between so that it looks finished and you don’t see the lid. I glued the monogram on the top to personalize it. You could also put gems on the top as well if you like. Once it is dried, you will need to clean up any areas that had drips or spots of glue. You can use a paint knife or any other flat narrow object to accomplish this. Once finished you will need to give it at least 48 hours to cure completely. When you finish drinking your delicious water please gently wash it by hand with mild soap and let it air dry.

Here’s the finished Voss water bottle. Should you have any questions about the products I used to make this please comment below and I will do my best to help you. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial – if you did please hit the like button and subscribe to my blog for future tutorials and tips.

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