Two Tips Tuesday – Cool Ideas for the Craft Room

Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying your week.

Here are a couple of craft room tips using something you would find in your local hardware store. Dies are metal shapes that you but through a machine to mass produce that shape on cardstock. To store them is always a challenge. Most crafters store them on magnetic sheets in a clear envelope.

Tip #1 – Die Storage – There are many crafting companies who sell magnetic sheets for your dies. That is always a good option but if you are like me and have a lot of dies and a limited budget – Magnetic Vent Covers are an inexpensive option for storing your dies. Some time ago, I remember hearing about this from someone on YouTube but just can’t remember who. I have used this option for a while now and really think it’s a great, inexpensive option for storing your dies. ***A bonus to buying these magnetic vent covers is that they come on a hard cardboard. This is a great stiff board that you can use to make a junk journal, photo album, and many other things.

Tip #2 – Cutting Magnetic Sheets – One of the great things about these sheets is that you can customize the size so you do not waste any of it. In order to cut them you will need a pair of scissors strictly for cutting these sheets or like me you can use an old paper trimmer. I bought this paper trimmer and was really not happy with the way it was cutting. So, I put it away thinking one day I would figure out a way to use it again. When I started using these magnetic sheets I needed to find something that I could use to cut them down quickly. But also it needed to be something that I knew I wouldn’t use anymore for paper. That’s when I had the idea of putting my old paper trimmer to use. It works great!

I hope these tips are helpful for you. Have a blessed day.

PS – Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will be posting details of how I made the diaper cake. I finally finished it. Yay!

After this manner he made the ten stands. All of them were cast alike, of the same measure and the same form.

1 Kings 7:37


Hi everyone. I apologize for not posting lately. Been very difficult – now I’m in jury duty for this week so needless to say I’ve been extremely busy and without access to my computer.

Very excited to see how nice my plants are coming along. Hopefully this weekend I will incorporate a trellis so these vines have some place to climb. Been neglecting my plants lately though since I haven’t been home much to care or them.

Here’s another pic from my craft room. This is a DIY memo board I made using an open frame (I think I purchased it from Hobby Lobby), chicken wire (Home Depot), and a stapler (Home Depot). I have it on the wall next to my desk. I like to post things here, ideas of things I want to work on (old school Pinterest). Nothing is posted now because it’s a surprise and you’re not supposed to see it. LOL!

Well just wanted to give you a quick random update. Have a blessed evening.

Sneak Peek/Vlogging/Pinterest

Happy Wednesday everyone! Just wanted to give you a sneak peek of my craft room. Don’t worry there’s more to come. I will start sharing other photos of my craft room next week.

I’m very excited to let you know that, God willing, in a couple of weeks I will start vlogging (video blogging) as well. To God be all glory!

The YouTube channel is called – Uniquely Created. Here is the link – I recently updated the channel and plan on sharing a DIY for the first video to get my feet wet, a craft room tour, and a series on craft room organization where I will break down the different areas of my craft room. I will post the vlogs here as well so you don’t miss a thing.

Do you have a Pinterest account? Have you ever visited Pinterest? Think of it like a giant virtual cork board where you pin ideas to inspire your creativity, projects you would like to tackle, or maybe share a Bible verse. I would love to hear what you like to pin about. I want to start being intentional about posting my photos on Pinterest. I am always pinning photos of others and using them for inspiration in DIYs, décor, gardening, craft room, and Sunday School lessons/classroom décor. So I think it’s time I start giving back and share mine so I can bless others.

Have a blessed day! Jo :o)