Two Tips Tuesday – Fussy Cutting

Hope you ladies are having a great evening. I am trying to get caught up on posting and I’m getting my Tuesday’s tips in late but it’s still Tuesday – LOL!

Working on my pocket letter swap (check on my prior post to see the video) I was thinking about how important it is to have the right tools for the job.

I wrote an old post about scissors but this post is a bit more specific and these are basic crafting tips that I think can benefit even those who do not craft, helping their child with a school project or cutting a picture out they really like.

Photo by Plush Design Studio on

Tip #1 – Use the right scissors for cutting in tight places. There are many scissors out there on the market that can basically do the same thing. What you need to look for are scissors that have a short, sharp blade and are comfortable for your hand. When cutting in tight places it is very difficult to maneuver a pair of scissors with a large blade. There are some with small handles and some with large handles. That’s a matter of preference. I use large handled scissors because it helps with hand stability and my arthritis. My scissors of choice are Tim Holtz Tonic scissors. The handle is soft, flexible, and large enough to fit my fingers in.

Tip #2 – Turn the paper – not the scissors. The term fussy cutting is commonly used in quilting but when it comes to paper crafting, cutting small images out is called fussy cutting. When you are cutting images out, you need to turn the paper as you cut and not the scissors. This makes the cutting go much more smoothly, it goes faster, and you get a better cut. Use your free hand as a guide, turning the paper as you cut, always keeping your scissors in the same place.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a blessed night.

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