Two Tips Tuesday – Washi U Doin?

Washi you doin? LOL! Hope your week is going well.

Today’s tips, if you haven’t already guessed by now, have to do with washi tape. For those of us who enjoy crafting, especially paper crafts, it is an amazing tape that has so many uses that you could not even imagine. It comes in many different colors and sizes. You can find anything from apples to zebras printed on them.

What is washi tape you might ask? The definition of washi is Japanese paper. Washi tape is basically a type of Japanese paper with an adhesive backing used for decorative purposes. There are thousands of uses for it. From decorating a greeting card to decorating your furniture. Even though I could overload you with all of the many, many different uses, I am only going to share with you two practical and organizational uses for washi tape.

Tip #1 – Why not give a little bit of life to those ugly black binder clips. In literally seconds you can give it a completely different look. Since washi tape is like masking tape, you can tear it very easily. Just stick a piece down on the front of the clip and rip it off on the end (no scissors needed!). Do this for the back and top as well. Now you have a decorative binder clip that is personalized and much prettier to look at.

Tip #2 – Using washi tape as flags is a great way to tab pages so you are able to find things quickly. Some people use different colors of washi tape as a way to color code what they are working on. For note taking, I have a traveler’s notebook cover and inside I keep two notebooks, one for Sunday services and the other for Bible studies. I also keep a supply of washi tape in there. I use washi tape flags to mark the pages for each week of Bible study notes. Makes it easy to find where my notes start at end for that week.

I hope you find these uses of washi tape useful and can start imagining all of the things you can use it for. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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