Two Tips Tuesday – Look’n Sharp

Happy Tuesday everybody! Hope you are doing well and look’n sharp. :o)

As you can see today’s tips have to do with how to keep our scissors nice and sharp. Working with dull scissors, no matter what the task, can damage your projects and your scissors.

Tip #1 – You need to keep your scissors’ blades clean, dry, and sharpened. *Please be careful when cleaning scissors – wrapping the blade with a cloth while you clean it can help. Clean/Dry – If you have sticky gunk on the blades don’t forget to use the Goo Gone I told you about last Tuesday. Make sure you wash them with dish soap to get the oil off and dry them really good. Store them in a dry place. Sharpen – You could use a sharpening stone or scissor sharpener sold in your local hardware store. A less expensive option would be the aluminum foil in your pantry. Take a piece of the foil large enough that you can fold it so you have a nice thick stack and just start cutting through it with your scissors. This is great option for sharpening your blade.

Tip #2 – Use different scissors for different projects. Never, ever use the same scissors you use to cut paper with to cut fabric. This will dull your blade. A great pair of scissors to have are ones with a titanium blade. They are stronger, sharper, and easier to clean. My favorite paper crafting scissors are Tonic Studios (Tim Holtz) brand. They have a serrated edge and cut like butter. Also, try not to use your scissors to cut thin wire (in a pinch I’ve had to use them). Try to use wire cutters. If you don’t have a choice then keep a dedicated pair of scissors just for that. The best way to keep track of which scissors are for which project, is to mark them with a permanent marker or put a label on them.

Photo by Brett Sayles on

And if I see someone (namely my husband) in my craft room trying to grab a pair of scissors to cut something. This is our conversation – Me: What do you need the scissors for? Him: I need to cut some paper. Me: Those are for fabric. Here, use these. Inside I’m saying – back away from the scissors slowly and no one will get hurt. LOL!

Stay sharp my friends!

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

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